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S.P.O.O.C.S is an experiential learning resource for upper KS2 that has been developed by Gill Matthews and Sylvia Karavis. S.P.O.O.C.S gives children a context in which to write, authentic audiences to write to and real purposes for their writing. The unfolding narrative in S.P.O.O.C.S engages the children and motivates them as writers. S.P.O.O.C.S can be used as a stand alone literacy resource, for ongoing assessment and for preparation for KS2 SATs, as all major non-fiction text types as well as narrative are covered.

Gill says:

“We hold the firm belief that offering children a range of writing activities within a lively, interesting context not only supports their writing development but also enthuses them as writers. S.P.O.O.C.S gives children opportunities to write for real purposes and real audiences. All too often we have come across Y6 children, and teachers, who are preparing for SATs by trawling through past papers. This doesn’t motivate or excite them, let alone ready them for the challenge of SATs.”

S.P.O.O.C.S is used by over 700 schools in the UK to prepare for KS2 SATs. S.P.O.O.C.S has been adopted as an intervention programme by the Black Country Challenge and is used in 45% of primary schools in the area.

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